Dangers of Felling a Dead Tree: Risks and Safety Concerns

What are the dangers of felling a dead tree? If you have a tree in your yard that has overstayed its welcome, you might feel tempted to tackle the job yourself. However, we highly advise against it!

As the go-to arborist services in Decatur, GA, we at Don’s Tree Service know the unpredictability of structurally compromised specimens. Keep reading as we divulge the underlying risks and safety concerns of tree removal. 

dangers of felling a dead tree

Damage to Nearby Structures

A tree can topple in a way that certainly isn’t in your weekend planner; don’t think it won’t crash into a beloved garden shed or your kid’s treehouse. If luck decides to pull a fast one, your neighbor’s idyllic picket fence or their perfectly manicured rose bushes may become unintended collateral. 

Let’s also talk about vehicles. Have you ever seen an SUV with a tree trunk for a hood ornament? Not a pretty sight, nor an inexpensive repair. 

The misjudgment of how a dead or injured tree falls can lead to these devastating outcomes, turning your DIY project into a homeowner’s nightmare.  

Bodily Injury

The dangers of felling a dead tree without professional expertise become an open invitation to personal injury or, worse, endangering any unsuspecting passerby:

  • Trunk: The hefty trunk of a dead tree, unpredictable in its descent, has the potential to cause critical injuries. Leave this daunting task to experts who can manage its fall.
  • Branches and twigs: Brittle branches can snap without warning, turning into hazardous projectiles. 
  • Improper Equipment Use: Chainsaws, axes, and the like aren’t as simple to operate as they appear. Misuse or malfunction of such tools often leads to severe injuries.
  • Electrocution: Does the tree in question have a close-knit relationship with overhead power lines? Even the slightest contact results in a hair-raising encounter with high-voltage electricity.
  • Falls: Climbing trees without the proper gear or experience can quickly turn into a treacherous plummet to the ground.

Disturbance of Wildlife

Think of dead trees as bustling, high-rise apartments for wild critters. Felling the tree might not just mean eviction but a disaster for the wildlife who call it home. 

Whether your tree houses nesting birds, squirrels, or a hive of bees, disturbing these residents without a proper game plan often creates a downright chaotic and potentially harmful situation. 

Entrust This Complex Task to a Local Arborist Instead

At Don’s Tree Service, we don’t just have tree removal down to a science—it’s our art. With cutting-edge equipment and an experienced crew, we can handle any specimen, no matter how gnarly or precarious its situation. We also help with:

  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency storm damage cleanup
  • Tree planting
  • And more

Why leave yourself open to the dangers of felling a dead tree when there’s a professional squad ready to spring into action? Rest easy knowing that we prioritize safety above all else. Call (770) 413-8733 today.

Do you plan to replace your dead specimen with a new sapling? Read our blog and learn how often to water new trees!

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