Who To Call When a Tree Falls in Your Yard in Decatur, GA

Are you dealing with the aftermath of a storm or severe internal rotting? Knowing who to call when a tree falls in your yard makes all the difference between a nerve-wracking ordeal and a swift solution. 

As a trusted tree service in Decatur, our team at Don’s Tree Service has helped numerous property owners with their arboreal challenges. Keep reading as we go over the steps you can take to restore your yard to its original glory.

who to call when a tree falls in your yard

Assess the Situation From a Distance

Before you seek professional tree removal help, collect the necessary information first:

  • Tree location: Is the fallen tree blocking your driveway, or has it tumbled onto a power line? Knowing the severity of the situation helps whomever you call prepare the right tools and crew for the job.
  • Possible challenges: Whether the fallen log became lodged precariously against another tree or has uprooted a chunk of your garden, any unusual circumstances can affect the removal process. 
  • Damage: Did the tree take a part of your roof with it, or did it merely ruffle some lawn decorations? These details can help you speed up the insurance claim process.

If you feel that you or your property isn’t at any immediate risk, consider snapping several pictures from various angles. 

Seek Public Services

Any situation where a fallen tree interferes with power lines should prompt a call to your local non-emergency police line or fire department. They’ll liaise with the utility company to safely mitigate the problem.

Other scenarios, like the tree blocking the exit to your property, may also warrant government intervention. It’s free and usually gets you some prompt 24/7 tree removal assistance.

Call Your Insurance Company  

When people wonder who to call when a tree falls in your yard, they usually think of an emergency tree removal service. Unfortunately, it solves only a part of the problem. 

The possible property damage may require some financial coverage. Whip out that policy number and discuss the situation with your insurance company. They will guide you on the procedures to file a claim and how to gather the necessary documentation. 

Consult a Tree Damage Cleanup Company

You don’t have to tackle this mess alone; Don’s Tree Service has you covered. We deliver:

  • Stump grinding: The unsightly stump left behind takes up space and poses a tripping hazard. Our team can grind it down to mulch and help return nutrients back to your soil.
  • Tree pruning: Proper care can prevent your arboreal specimens from falling in the first place. We regularly trim off weak or diseased branches that waste energy and pose a risk to the tree’s health. 
  • After-storm tree removal service: Searching for speedy “tree fallen in yard assistance” saves you from further property damage. We handle the process efficiently, even in stormy conditions.

Now you know who to call when a tree falls in your yard! Dial (770) 413-8733 or read more of our blog and learn the dangers of felling a dead tree.   

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