Can Tree Roots Damage a Foundation in Your Decatur Residence?

Trees make your home look livelier and more welcoming. But can tree roots damage a foundation when they grow too close to your house?

Tree roots that grow too close to your home can cause foundation damage. This shouldn’t worry you so much because you can easily address the issue before it escalates to a bigger problem. 

In this blog post, a trusted provider of arborist services in Decatur, GA, delves deeper into tree impact on foundations and how you can deal with the problem. 

can tree roots damage a foundation

How Can Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation?

If you’ve been asking, “Can tree roots damage a foundation?” here’s how it often happens.

Direct Foundation Damage

Your tree roots’ slow movement can lift, crack, or break the concrete as they crawl against your foundation. Nothing may happen if you tap your foundation with a piece of wood. However, the roots pressing against the foundation as they gradually become bigger can weaken and damage it over time. 

Soil Moisture Absorption

Aggressive tree roots can draw moisture from the soil as they crawl under your foundation. This process creates voids. More pockets might form when the roots eventually die and disintegrate. If these voids become bigger, they’ll compromise the foundation’s stability.

How To Protect Your Decatur Residence From Tree Roots

If you’re looking for ways to ensure safe root growth and structural integrity of your home, you’ve got several preventative measures to take.

Choose the Right Trees to Plant

When selecting trees to plant around your house, it’s best to choose slow-growing species that don’t have invasive root systems. Avoid trees like American elms, silver maples, willows, and hybrid poplars, especially if you have a small yard. 

You’re better off with manageable-sized trees like English holly or olive trees. These will provide much-needed shade without compromising your home’s foundation and structural integrity. 

Relocate Larger Trees

If you’ve moved to a property that already has large trees, consider removing potentially dangerous trees and replanting them elsewhere. This allows you to preserve the tree while also protecting your house.

Install Foundation Barriers 

Before you plant a tree near your house, install a foundation barrier. This will help divert the tree roots deeper into the ground and away from your foundation, pavement, plumbing, and other underground installations. 

Maintain a Balanced Moisture Content

Keeping trees around your house properly watered can help prevent issues like foundation damage. Besides ensuring that water drains from your foundation, you should also maintain soil moisture to prevent consistent soil shrinkage. You can achieve this by regularly watering any trees within 20-30 feet of your home using a drip hose. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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