What Causes Large Holes in Tree Trunks in Decatur, GA?

When you notice a large hole on the trunk of your mature tree, one of the many questions that’ll cross your mind is, “What causes large holes in tree trunks?”

Understanding tree trunk hollows will help you know how to deal with the problem and protect your tree’s health. In this blog post, our professionals at Don’s Tree Service, a trusted tree service in Decatur, take a deeper look into the factors behind tree trunk cavity formation and how to handle the problem. 

Causes of Large Holes in Tree Stems

Large holes in tree trunks often result from incorrect pruning. Maybe you removed a large limb and made the cut too close to the tree’s trunk!

Every branch attached to a tree trunk has a collar, which acts as a shoulder between the trunk and the branch. You shouldn’t interfere with the collar when removing a large limb. 

If the pruning cut lies flush with the trunk, the wound will rot inward and eventually leave a gaping hole in your tree. 

Clearwing moths are also notorious for hollow formation in tree trunks. They often leave behind large, dime-sized craters in the trunks. However, adult clearwing moths don’t create the holes themselves.

You can blame the guilty party—the larvae that hatch from eggs deposited on your tree’s bark that begin to tunnel. This can impede the transportation of nutrients and water across the tree. 

Repairing Large Holes in Your Tree Trunks

Now that you understand what causes large holes in tree trunks, let’s see how you can tackle the problem. You may choose not to fill the hole in your tree trunk and leave it for birds to create a nest. 

Unfortunately, some of these holes can lead to more problems. If you don’t seal a hole properly, it can allow water to get inside your tree, causing rapid decay. In such a situation, you’re better off filling the hole and extending the tree’s life. 

You can do that with expanding foam. First, clean the hole by removing wet or dead wood. Then, smoothen the edges of the damaged area.

Once the hole is clean and dry, fill it with expanding foam. Allow up to ten days for the foam to dry, depending on the size of the hole. Once dry, trim the foam to improve its appearance and ensure it blends in with other parts of the trunk. 

If you’re unsure about how to deal with tree health issues and trunk cavities, leave such tasks to a certified arborist for the best results. You don’t want to cause further damage and reduce your tree’s chance of survival. 

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